1. 儿童节英文祝福语

1. Children’s happiness, the innocence you forever! Aunt is ready for you to eat the teeth do not hurt the sugar, to taste, welcome to. 2. you will never Zhang Buda is the BaBy, I wish you happy holidays! 3. this is my message to you tomorrow (Do not Read), only to see tomorrow! Peep addiction ah! Naughty! Although still call you Look! Mezhe, you Zhang Buda! Happy Children’s Day! 4. Zhu: Children’s Day happy holidays! Guai, do not cry, a laugh! ! ! 5. Happy Children’s Day, the innocence of you forever! You always willing to maintain a Childlike Innocence. 6. the biggest desire is to you: the first Children’s Day, another Youth Day, then Guoqinjie, another Mother’s Day, another Father’s Day, another Chung Yeung Festival. 7. Who says memories are not good? Although not a holiday, consider also happy: I wish you a happy June 1! 🙂 8. more than 20 years ago today, give you the information received did not, okay, I have not received Zaifayici: June 1 wish happy holidays! 9. text messaging to so happy with you gently hugging, difficult to see you Guaiguai Road, secretly Zoudiao trouble, particularly auspicious for your attention, so you always happy smile! 61 Happy! 10. notice: Tomorrow is your day. I wish you happy holidays in advance! Please click here to a kindergarten for Bangbang Tang, a silk Sassafras tsumu the nose, a Kaidang pants, urine is not a wetland. We would like to inform! ! 11. the day hope you are happy like a teapot on the stove, although small Pipi burned the boiling hot, but still happy blowing whistles, braving the well-being of the bubble, the music Pidianpidian! I wish you a happy Children’s Day! 12. Wukong painting a circle, Tang Seng security; Xiaoping drew a circle, Shenzhen prosperity; you draw a circle, you have a bedwetting. Children, happy holidays! 13. your life has just opened a first page and is willing to rising of the sun shining your beautiful poem years. Tomorrow belongs to you. 14. adults and children with permanent Childlike Innocence, children and adults together to mature. 15. the children are most pleased that the day is today, I wish the children happy holidays, learning and proGREss. 16. the grand ideal of the dark spirit, a young soul saffron. 17. the plants will not be room has a strong vitality. Do not you Fuxiong in the tent sleeping, the times are moving. Keep up with it forward! 18. the small people I wish you a happy holiday, with the wisdom of age with growth. 19. youth is the hope of life, but the wisdom of age to growth. 20. I thank God I have you, my children in this special day, I bless you. 21. you will never Zhang Buda is the BaBy, I wish you happy holidays! 22. I wish the children happy holidays, study well, every day, prossive, roof as a model. 23. in order to celebrate the “June 1” Children’s Day, special preparations for more than 20 species of fruits, invite you to share 18:45 restaurant gathering. 24. Rose would also like to thank opened, the Children’s Day will never Viiv! 25. when the peony in full bloom, swallows flying; legitimate Rose Michelia, Cherry cooked, the best time of year! Peony the United States less than you, than you cherry red, Xiaodi young girl, a happy Children’s Day! 26. a socialist flower, is your ah. What happiness! You are the country’s Baby, I wish the Children’s Day Hooray! 27. the most wonderful childhood was originally a stage of life, then the child is a flower, is also a fruit, is a hazy smart, a never-income activities, a strong desire. 28. Happy Children’s Day! Wishes to you always have a Childlike Innocence, every day Xiao Haha.1、儿童节快乐,永远童真的你!阿姨准备了适合你吃不伤牙齿的糖,欢迎到时来尝尝。

2、你是个永远长不大的BaBy,祝你节日快乐! 3、这是我给你明天的信息(别往下看),明天才看!窥视癖呀?!淘气!叫你别看还看!没辙,你长不大啦!儿童节快乐!4、祝:儿童节节日快乐!乖,不要哭,笑一个!!! 5、儿童节快乐,永远童真的你!愿你永远保持一颗童心。6、最大的愿望是想与你:先过儿童节,再过青年节,再过情人节,再过母亲节,再过父亲节,再过重阳节。



2. 关于儿童节的英语单词摘抄

Children’s Day; 儿童节; International Children’s Day;国际儿童节; celebrate 庆祝 most countries celebrated Children’s Day on June 1. 大部分国家在6月1日庆祝儿童节.The children carrying the blessing of the boats, drift to the happiness of you, gently greetings: Happy Children’s Day! 孩子们乘着幸福的船,漂向幸福的你,最诚挚的祝福:儿童节快乐。

3. 关于节日的英语句子文案

阳历节日: 1月1日元旦(New Year’s Day) 2月2日世界湿地日(World Wetlands Day) 2月14日情人节(Valentine’s Day) 3月3日全国爱耳日 3月5日青年志愿者服务日 3月8日国际妇女节(International Women’ Day) 3月9日保护母亲河日 3月12日中国植树节(China Arbor Day) 3月14日白色情人节(White Day) 3月14日国际警察日(International Policemen’ Day) 3月15日世界消费者权益日(World Consumer Right Day) 3月21日世界森林日(World Forest Day) 3月21日世界睡眠日(World Sleep Day) 3月22日世界水日(World Water Day) 3月23日世界气象日(World Meteorological Day) 3月24日世界防治结核病日(World Tuberculosis Day) 4月1日愚人节(April Fools’ Day) 4月5日清明节(Tomb-sweeping Day) 4月7日世界卫生日(World Health Day) 4月22日世界地球日(World Earth Day) 4月26日世界知识产权日(World Intellectual Property Day) 5月1日国际劳动节(International Labour Day) 5月3日世界哮喘日(World Asthma Day) 5月4日中国青年节(Chinese Youth Day) 5月8日世界红十字日(World Red-Cross Day) 5月12日国际护士节(International Nurse Day) 5月15日国际家庭日(International Family Day) 5月17日世界电信日(World Telecommunications Day) 5月20日全国学生营养日 5月23日国际牛奶日(International Milk Day) 5月31日 世界无烟日(World No-Smoking Day) 6月1日 国际儿童节(International Children’s Day) 6月5日世界环境日(International Environment Day) 6月6日全国爱眼日 6月17日世界防治荒漠化和干旱日(World Day to combat desertification) 6月23日国际奥林匹克日(International Olympic Day) 6月25日全国土地日 6月26日国际禁毒日(International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking) 7月1日中国GCD诞生日(Anniversary of the Founding of the Chinese Communist Party) 7月1日国际建筑日(International Architecture Day) 7月7日中国人民抗日战争纪念日 7月11日世界人口日(World Population Day) 8月1日中国人民解放军建军节(Army Day) 8月12日国际青年节(International Youth Day) 9月8日国际扫盲日(International Anti-illiteracy Day) 9月10日中国教师节(Teacher’s Day) 9月16日中国脑健康日 9月16日国际臭氧层保护日(International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer) 9月20日全国爱牙日 9月21日世界停火日(World Cease-fire Day) 9月27日世界旅游日(World Tourism Day) 10月1日中华人民共和国国庆节(National Day) 10月1日国际音乐日(International Music Day) 10月1日国际老年人日(International Day of Older Persons) 10月4日世界动物日(World Animal Day) 10月5日世界教师日(World Teachers’ Day)(联合国教科文组织确立) 10月8日全国高血压日 10月9日世界邮政日(World Post Day) 10月10日世界精神卫生日(World Mental Health Day) 10月14日世界标准日(World Standards Day) 10月15日国际盲人节(International Day of the Blind) 10月15日世界农村妇女日(World Rural Women’s Day) 10月16日世界粮食日(World Food Day) 10月17日国际消除贫困日(International Day for the Eradication of Poverty) 10月24日联合国日(United Nations Day) 10月24日世界发展新闻日(World Development Information Day) 10月28日中国男性健康日 10月29日国际生物多样性日(International Biodiversity Day) 10月31日万圣节(Halloween) 11月8日中国记者节 11月9日消防宣传日 11月14日世界糖尿病日(World Diabetes Day) 11月17日国际大学生节 11月25日国际消除对妇女的暴力日(International Day For the elimination of Violence against Women) 12月1日世界爱滋病日(World AIDS Day) 12月3日世界残疾人日(World Disabled Day) 12月4日全国法制宣传日 12月9日世界足球日(World Football Day) 12月25日圣诞节(Christmas Day) 12月29日国际生物多样性日(International Biological Diversity Day) 1月最后一个星期日国际麻风节 3月最后一个完整周的星期一中小学生安全教育日 春分月圆后的第一个星期日复活节(Easter Monday)(有可能是3月22-4月25日间的任一天) 5月第二个星期日母亲节(Mother’s Day) 5月第三个星期日全国助残日 6月第三个星期日父亲节(Father’s Day) 9月第三个星期二国际和平日(International Peace Day) 9月第三个星期六全国国防教育日 9月第四个星期日国际聋人节(International Day of the Deaf) 10月的第一个星期一世界住房日(World Habitat Day) 10月的第二个星斯一加拿大感恩节(Thanksgiving Day) 10月第二个星期三国际减轻自然灾害日(International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction) 10月第二个星期四世界爱眼日(World Sight Day) 11月最后一个星期四美国感恩节(Thanksgiving Day) 农历节日 农历正月初一春节(the Spring Festival) 农历正月十五元宵节(Lantern Festival) 农历五月初五。


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